Jul 15, 2010

Total Success in El Calafate

another meaning for TSE 2010, the Sunny Sunday Sunset Eclipse
with Eclipse City on the Balcon de Calafate.
Pictures and videos added July 20 - Album02

image processing, analysis, more pics added July 27: Album03

Unfortunately the second video is out-of-focus, I pressed the button hastily upon third contact

Words cannot describe it adequately, neither pictures. Will post some next week, including two with a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.:
Shortly before totality a white vertical beam of light was in the sky exactly opposite the sun.
addendum July 23:
"Argentina, like Winston Churchill once said of Russia, is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma" in Trust, Friendship & Development In Argentina
"The country is hard to understand, harder to explain and impossible to predict."
"...How have Argentina’s recent leaders faired on this scale? Very poorly."
Anybody still wondering why Macair 's LV-BZH did not fly?

From an internet cafe in San Pedro de Atacama.

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Rogger Mcloud said...

Nice men, you have captured the essence of the world. The essence of the South, of El Calafate. I was in Argentina once and it was a very nice place, I don't know for living, but to go on vacations is great. And also cheap. I have stayied in some apartment for rent buenos aires that where very nice also.