Aug 30, 2012

Anaglyphs of Gale crater canyon

Simulated views of the canyon in Gale crater, ultimate destination of MSL Curiosity.
HIRISE DTM DTEEC_009149_1750_009294_1750_U01.IMG processed with Microdem

Real stereo images expected  soon  
"This stereo pair taken about 33 feet (10 meters) apart will provide three-dimensional information about distant features and possible driving routes."

Download and view in full size with red/green viewer.

line of sight from current MSL position, 100m up

view into the canyon from 500m up, 100m contour lines

view into the canyon from 1000m up

Aug 19, 2012

More Curiosity site mapping

Supplementing the new images by MSL of Aeolis Mons in Gale crater and the discussion,
here are some visualizations created using Microdem and the MOLA DTM.

1 The crest in the direction of the secondary peak is 37 km away from MSL and at 6 deg elevation angle

2 - MOLA DTM with contour lines 200m apart
range circles at 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 km from MSL

3 Perspective view from 100m above MSL landing site

Original size 2400x600 here

5 Google Mars view with Microdem overlay

6 Google Mars view

7 Google Mars view

8 Google Mars view

Aug 15, 2012

Google Mars and Curiosity Update

Scenes created using an overlay of the color-enhanced view presented yesterday
The slope map by Tesheimer is here

The 360 degree high-res panorama has been added to Google Mars already.
Google Mars updated! from 2009, scientific use, still interesting.






Aug 12, 2012

ISS and Perseids

Streaks in the night sky

ISS passage 22:05 - 22:14 MESZ animated slideshow



Perseid at 00:24 MESZ, Aug 12 in Andromeda
 4 minutes earlier there was one brighter than the ISS in the same direction leaving a smoke trail

Aug 10, 2012

ISS passage

ISS passage from Stuttgart at 21:30 MESZ
Animated gif 4MB, individual exposure times 1 sec

Aug 7, 2012

Google Mars - Curiosity

These Google Martians are fast! Highres coverage of the MSL site freshly added since yesterday.
Intended to create an overlay from the ustream screenshot below, not necessary anymore.

pedestrian view, line towards hidden summit of Aeolis Mons

from JPL press conference 9:00 PDT, intended to create an overlay

Aug 6, 2012

Mars Landing

Google Mars scenes with the Curiosity touchdown site and Aeolis Mons in Gale crater.
The mountaintop is not visible from the MSL landing site at 137.44deg East 4.59 deg South

Aug 2, 2012

Arianespace TV

50th Ariane5 launch
Why is the altitude decreasing for several minutes after reaching about 160 km?
Look here "The imperative is to gain speed, even at the expense of some altitude"