Nov 22, 2014

3D views of comet 67P and Philae landing site

To illustrate Philae's trajectory from first touchdown at Agilkia to its final landing spot I produced a 3D view (anaglyph) from the Rosetta OSIRIS NAC image of comet #67P C-G on Aug 03, 2014 and a screenshot from the pre-landing video by DLR.

On the comet's smaller lobe at right the Agilkia landing site is near the upper rim. The trajectory of Philae past or over the large depression to its final landing spot near the equator and the shadow of the polar night  can be well imagined. Follow the discussion on the UMSF forum

More illustrations and 3D anaglyphs in this Google+ gallery  or on  Picasa

Also a comparison of the public shapemodel of #67P on Github with the latest analysis in Rosetta Blog Nov21 Homing in on Philae’s final landing site  on a much more detailed 3D-model

as well as the latest anaglyph from ROLIS images