Aug 29, 2016

Comet 67P C-G - Abydos - Philae found?

Abydos, the final landing area of Philae on comet 67P C-G was imaged by the Rosetta Navcam on 2016 July 21 from a distance of 9.7 km and published / released in the dataset on Aug 29, 2016.

Images ROS_CAM1_20160721T162928F._P.png and ROS_CAM1_20160721T163538F._P.png

A bright speck of a few pixels is visible in both images right in the zone of the revised Consert ellipse.

The images were taken 10 minutes apart and were combined in a stereo anaglyph and an animated gif.


 Enlarged 400 pct and cropped, arrow marks bright speck
Stereo anaglyphs

Animated GIF