TSE 2010 in Patagonia

Preview of the Total Solar Eclipse on 2010 July 11 in Patagonia

One Metonic cycle after the Big One on the Big Island
The series started on July 11,1953 with a partial eclipse near the North Pole, followed by three totals in 1972, 1991, 2010. It will end on July 11, 2029 with a partial eclipse near the South Pole.

3D-Visualization of the lunar umbra at sunset - blog entry Apr 25, 2010

Weather info
CNN El Calafate 10 day forecast
EclipseWX by Fred Bruenjes, Jun 28, 2010
Jay Anderson's situation desk  updated Jun 23, 2010
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Rio Gallegos  -  weather-forecast.com
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Satellite images GOES 12 - South America
Satellite Images GOES13 South Argentina  - Loop last 12 hours
GOES Project Science - NASA - Most recent Images
Satellite Images GOES12 - ftp full resolution 1km

Touristic info
Newly Created Argentinean Ministry of Tourism UNWTO 2010/07/01
Eclipse Solar en El Calafate  Ver más video
Rapanui-Eclipse    La Idea de Este Sitio es disponilizar todas las informaciones sobre el Eclipse Solar en Isla de Pascua

Daily photos from Ushuaia

2010/06/08  A clear day in the El Calafate area. Processed satellite view of 1006081445G13I01.tif