May 20, 2012

Eclipse track and satellite images

Moon shadow recorded by Terra Satellite over the Pacific on May 20, 23:30 UT
MODIS Image of the day for May 23

GOES West full disk views, data from "NOAA-NASA GOES Project"

00:00 UT Moon shadow in upper left corner

03:00 UT

GOES West view at 01:30 UT
processed with FDRTools, receptor tonemapping

Update 01:24 UT

GOES West view at 01:00
There it is - the lunar shadow - very obvious in the animation
Series with half_hourly intervals between May 20, 21:30 UT and May 21, 01:30 UT saved here

Update 20:42 UT
Google Earth screen shots with clouds, weather, travelcams on this gallery
At the end of the eclipse track the southern region around Midland, TX appears to be in fair weather, opposed to the northern part near Amarillo.

20:12 UTC

MODIS May 20 16:50-18:35UT, Google Earth May 21 23:19

15:00 UT
Google Earth views of the track of the annular solar eclipse and MODIS satellite images.

May 19, 2012, 17:45-19:30,  Bands 7-2-1

More to come.

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