Apr 27, 2013

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2013 Apr 25

Partial Lunar Eclipse from Stuttgart

A real visual treat, to the unaided eye and with 12.5*100 scope, maximum contrast with 8mm exit pupil.  More in this gallery
Video from Stuttgart Observatory 

21:11 MESZ Stack of 2 exposures LUMIX DMC G3 1s, 1/30s f/5.6, f=42mm, ISO 800, blossoming pear tree in foreground

Animated GIF 21:11 MESZ

21:29 MESZ
Partial phase 22:16 MESZ Exp 1/100s and 1/200s ISO200 500mm Soligor lens f/5
Animated GIF 22:29 MESZ

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